Belgian or Soft Waffle lines from VanderPol, high output with a low line speed.

Production lines for Waffles with decoration, sandwiched or filled and built with many years of experience and since January 2021 produced by Sugden Ltd.

  • Ovens with easy access for cleaning the moulds in the waffle oven.
  • The oven is 100% covered by Stainless Steel guards.
  • Using the zero-pressure system, gas consumption will be minimized, and burners will stay clean.
  • High output with a low line speed.
  • Soft Waffles sandwiched can easily be handled after baking for caping, decorating and filling.

Capacities depending on size and shape from 5,000 till 20,000 products per hour for Belgian Waffles as well for Soft Waffles.

Belgian Waffle

Various shapes and sizes

Soft Waffle

Various shapes and fillings

Baking iron

Controlled greasing of irons

Oven infeed

Continuous baking process

Servo driven depositor

Accurate dosing of batters

We Listen

We will design and manufacture a plant to meet the customers specification as each customer may have different requirements for their products.

We Design & Build

Each production line we make are custom designed and built in out 35,000 sqft production facility in Lancashire UK.

Install and Commission

Once your new plant has been built we can then ship,  install, commission and offer training in many countries around the globe.

Our process

Building production lines for our customers

Customer Requirements

Design & Cost


Install & Commission