Sugden Limited and AMF Bakery Systems provide a full turnkey solution for the manufacture of English Muffins.

Our English Muffin Plants are manufactured to meet our customers’ exact specifications. The Prove and Bake time is configured for each customer’s particular needs and we will design the plant to fit these specifications. Manufactured entirely from stainless steel, the prover is fully insulated and has an AHU designed geographically to suit the climate for each bakery.

The griddle is also fully insulated to ensure we keep as much energy in the plant baking product as opposed to heating the bakery and we use a canopy designed and manufactured to ensure we do not bleed heat from the Griddle to the Prover. We make use of industry leading technology in the burners we use, each being controllable individually, this enables us to set a bake profile for the product exactly to the bakeries specification. 

English Muffin

Production Line

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190 Degrees


Muffin Line


We Listen

We will design and manufacture a plant to meet the customers specification as each customer may have different requirments for their products.

We Design & Build

Each production line we make are custom designed and built in out 32,000 sqft production facility in Lancashire UK.

Install and Commission

Once you new plant had been built we can then ship,  install, commission and offer training in many countries around the globe.

Our process

Building production lines for our customers

Customer Requirements

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Install & Commission