Introduction to Sugden Ltd

Sugden Ltd were formed in 1973 and in the period since our formation have worked extremely hard to develop our equipment and relationships with our customers.

The core of our business is in designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning bespoke industrial baking equipment for English Muffin, Crumpets and Pancakes and aiming to meet individual customer needs. Our lines range up to 26,000 English Muffins, 14,400 Crumpets and 19,000 Pancakes, we also manufacture a range of Multi-Plants which have the ability to produce a range of batter products and can also incorporate sheeted products.


We became part of the Baldwin Holdings Group in 2014 which was a watershed in terms of our horizons being broadened and winning contracts in the Southern Hemisphere for the first time, we have also had significant success in winning contracts in the USA for our English Muffin equipment as well as sustaining our reputation in Europe and the UK as a world class manufacturer of industrial baking lines. In 2019 we moved into a 35,000 square foot purpose built new factory which would allow us to manufacture and assemble up to 5 Lines at any one time.

We currently have 38 employees at Sugden and the same at Baldwin Technical Services our sister electrical controls company who are also part of Baldwin Holdings Group.




VanderPol Acquisition

VanderPol was formed in the Netherlands in 1881 and has been working very successfully under the AMF/Tromp for a number of years. The AMF / Sugden complete solution on English Muffins has seen the two companies form a fantastic working relationship, so when the chance arose for Sugden to acquire the Vanderpol brand and range of equipment from AMF it was an easy decision to make. The range of lines and equipment fits perfectly into the Sugden portfolio and further strengthens the partnership with the AMF team who will be supporting the smooth transition over to Sugden to ensure all our existing and future customers can have full confidence in our way forward together.

The equipment now under the Sugden / VanderPol range will include Stroopwaffles or Caramel Waffles, Belgian Waffles, Soft Waffles and Funcakes. There are machines for each product to suit every customer from large industrial bakers to small artisan bakeries and we will continue in the Sugden way to build relationships with them to deliver a Line that exactly meets their individual needs.

As well as looking forward to working with all our new customers we will be ensuring that all the VanderPol existing customers can come to us for ongoing product support and to take care of their servicing and spare part needs.

Customer testimonial

John Gall

Originally we had 13 staff working on our morning goods line and since the installation of the Sugdens line we now only need 3, Our turnover has drasticly increased and we can now keep up with demand . Sugden have been fantastic from start to finish, they have delivered on all their promises.

We Listen

We will design and manufacture a plant to meet the customers specification as each customer may have different requirements for their products.

We Design & Build

Each production line we make are custom designed and built in out 35,000 sqft production facility in Lancashire UK.

Install and Commission

Once your new plant has been built we can then ship,  install, commission and offer training in many countries around the globe.

Our process

Building production lines for our customers

Customer Requirements

Design & Cost


Install & Commission