The Sugden Pancake Line can produce 20,000 products per hour. Deposit controllable to one gram.

The plant has an automatic pre oiling system on the baking plates to stop pancakes sticking. The pancake plant is designed to ensure that each deposit is controllable to one gram across the width of the plate.

There is an option to include a particle depositor. This can dispense a range of products including raisins, chocolate, biscuit crumb or fruit pieces.

The plant has a servo driven system controlling turn over and second bake of the pancakes. These positions can be easily selected using the HMI and can also be recipe driven for different products.

All the Sugden systems are fully insulated to increase energy efficiency by 25% – 30% to minimise heat loss into the bakery. On the pancake plant, Sugden use a single stage servo take off to place the products onto the cooling conveyor. Typically pancakes are cooled on a straight in line system.


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Cotrolled to 1 gram

Pancake Line

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We will design and manufacture a plant to meet the customers specification as each customer may have different requirements for their products.

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Each production line we make are custom designed and built in out 35,000 sqft production facility in Lancashire UK.

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Once your new plant has been built we can then ship,  install, commission and offer training in many countries around the globe.

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